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We take pride in providing exceptional license prep services to all of our clients. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us! Our program works for  LMSW exam prep and LCSW exam prep !

“I trusted everything you taught and memorized that book which is all you need to pass that exam…you guys were so RIGHT!! Thanks again!! You guys are awesome!”

“I PASSED my LCSW and wanted to thank you! I passed with FLYING colors! I solely studied from your materials and will recommend you to others. Thank you!!!”
Steph D., LCSW

“I am so lucky and blessed to have found your course. It was clear, concise, informative, & most of all, it helped me PASS!! Thank you soo much for helping us aspiring social workers!”
Jay N., LCSW

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank both of you for changing my life. Both of you have helped me accomplish soo much over the years for both my LMSW & LCSW. Test Taking is OVER !!!!”
Kim S., LCSW

“I want to thank the LMSW/LCSW Bootcamp; I passed my exam after attending the 1 Day Workshop! I traveled all the way from Michigan to Long Island!”
Donna S., LCSW

“I PASSED the LCSW test !! Very relieved and happy. Your Workshop focused me on the pertinent material and strategic skills needed to STUDY and PASS!!”

“I am officially a LMSW! I took the test today and passed. I owe it to your program!! Amazing!! Keep up the good work :)”

“I couldn’t have done it without all your support… The LMSW Bootcamp rocks!!!”
Erin R., LMSW N.Y.

“NOT ONLY did she help me pass my LMSW exam on the first shot, but she made the stressful situation relaxing and she is funny! Thank you I will never forget you!”

Jennifer, LMSW N.Y.

“I passed my exam yesterday! I scored a 127 out of 98 needed to pass the exam. I thought the class was great and it really prepared me well to handle such a tough exam.”

“Hello, I just wanted to Thank you guys for all the relevant information you provided me with regarding the LCSW! I took the test Friday and passed with a high score because I trusted everything you taught and memorized that book which is all you need to pass that exam…you guys were so RIGHT!! I will definitely be recommending my friends!! Thanks again!! You guys are awesome!”


“Dear Prof. Chaparro and Dr. Madeio,
I passed the LCSW exam today and I want to thank you for giving me the “E” in RUSAFE to pass this test! There are no words to describe the relief I feel, but I am sure you already know what I am talking about!”
Kathy C., LCSW

“I hope you are well. I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me. You boosted my confidence 100% which I know made a huge difference in my ability to think so clearly the day of the exam. As I once told you, your quiet, soothing, intelligent way made all the difference for me. You never criticized, judged, or made me feel less than. In fact, the exact opposite. I admit I was frightened of this exam so many years out of graduate school. You were the answer to my prayers when you came into my life. Your strategies, short cuts, focused thinking, and most of all your study summary/workbook were all invaluable. What was once completely overwhelming, you made manageable. No easy feat. God bless you in your work. Thank you again for everything.”

Jayne, LCSW FL

“I just wanted to write you and thank you for helping me. I attended your LMSW bootcamp and left feeling relieved because of the clarity your program provided about the exam. In the past, I have taken the exam 4 times and still did not pass. But since taking your workshop, I was able to utilize the techniques that I learned while studying and preparing for the exam. The strategies, the study materials and the information regarding anxiety that you provided was just what I needed to pass. You guys hit the nail right on the head. I have studied from numerous and different types of materials issued by my University to materials from my peers. However, when I received your material, I put all others aside and focused on that only. EXTREMELY HELPFUL!!!!”

“I say all this to say, yesterday I finally passed the exam and it feels GREAT! May God bless you both for your ability to provide such helpful information. I feel like a weight was lifted. Thank you so much. I will be back to prepare for the LCSW, lol. I will also recommend your workshop to all my peers. Thanks again. Gratefully.”

Anisha J., LMSW NY

“I have taken the LMSW exam a few times and failed, however with the LMSW BOOTCAMP I gained a different approach to studying and learned how to answer questions appropriately. I also found the sessions to be very helpful and encouraging. Thanks to the LMSW BOOTCAMP I finally passed!!! Thanks again.”
Sandrine E., LMSW NY

“I would like to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into creating a program for Social Workers who have been challenged by the Social Work License Exams. The techniques taught in your course, worked and I utilized every question during the exam. Your course not only gave me the confidence to pass, but it gave a pretty good set of skills to use. Now I am an LMSW with confidence! I will be coming to your classes for the LCSW !!!!”

D. Wade, LMSW

“Good Evening Professor
I just wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude for helping me reframe how I was viewing this exam. I am officially Licensed effective May 3, 2011 at 7:30 pm lololol . I must say your classes were extremely helpful. In fact, I know I would not have passed this exam without your Bootcamp. As I took the exam, I heard you and your husband’s voices.It’s unreal just like you said it would be . I am soooooooooooo grateful and I want to revisit you for my LCSW.”
Eneida, LMSW N.Y

“Thank you for helping me finally pass my LCSW. Before your workshop, I had failed the exam 4 times. Thankfully I am now licensed. My colleagues and I were impressed that you could help us pass despite our language barriers. Gracias to your “BOOTCAMP.”

Maritza, LCSW FL

“THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH…I don’t think I could have done it without you professor….u didn’t just help me with the LMSW material…you also believed in me and gave me so much support…thanks for being there for me step by step…and FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!!!!! YYYYEAAAYYY I DID IT!!!”
Rita G., LMSW NY

“I want to take this time to personally thanking you for empowering me to take the test and for giving me the skills NECESSARY to pass. YOUR Recommended strategies and skills WORKED!!!! I understood how to take this test and PASSED with a HIGH score! I am NOW officially an LMSW!”

Keyra S., LMSW

“NOT ONLY did she help me pass my LMSW exam on the first shot, but she made the stressful situation relaxing and she is funny! Thank you I will never forget you!”
Jennifer, LMSW NY


With a 16-year track record of powerful, graduate program-approved materials, high student pass rates, and proven test-taking tactics, you can trust Social Work Exam Bootcamp to help you pass your ASWB social work licensing exam. LMSW exam prep and LCSW exam prep !