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The Workbook and Audio cover critical content areas, exam-taking techniques, and practice quiz questions. Access the skills and knowledge you need to obtain your ASWB license.

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Our custom one-day and DSM-5 Online workshops come highly recommended by TOP Social Work Graduate Programs and cover a range of material and test-taking strategies. Space is limited!


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Our convenient online classes are offered weekly on a consistent schedule. Our unique and proven methods help with ALL ASWB Social Work exams and assist you in passing your license exam.

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Dr. Edith Chaparro and Dr. Rick Madiedo developed the Social Work Exam Prep Bootcamp program 17 years ago. The Bootcamp Program was developed to assist ALL ASWB social work exam license levels, which include: LSW, LMSW, LCSW, LGSW, LISW, CSW, LBSW. Our unique program is the only program that has the ability to assist any exam level


One-Day Exam Prep Workshop

Our One-Day Exam Prep Workshops come highly recommended by TOP Social Work Graduate Programs and cover a range of critical content areas and test-taking strategies. They are the perfect addition to our Audio App and Workbook. Space is limited! Contact us ASAP to secure your spot.

Test Anxiety Services

Are you looking for ways to manage your exam fears and anxiety while boosting self-esteem and self-efficacy? Our Test Anxiety Workshops and E-Course will help you prevent and cope with test anxiety through practical strategies and holistic solutions that transform you into an empowered test taker!


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Once you attend a Social Work Exam Bootcamp class or workshop, you become family. And family is worth celebrating. See a list of our graduates and what they have been up to after getting licensed!

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Subscribe to the Social Work Exam Prep Bootcamp YouTube Channel! On the channel, we provide educational and informative videos that help you prepare for your ASWB social work exam. The videos will help all exam levels such as the LMSW exam, LCSW exam, LSW, and other social work and mental health license exams. Additionally, we plan to provide information related to the social work field to assist with your professional growth. Click the PLAY button for more.


At-Home Study Materials




Covers critical content areas in an audio format. Access the skills and knowledge you need to obtain your license.


Bootcamp Audio Lessons



$118 includes the audio app, the Bootcamp workbook, and priority shipping. The Bootcamp Workshop is shipped. 

Combo Package covers critical content areas, exam-taking techniques, and quizzes to help you pass your ASWB license exam.


Bootcamp Workbook + Audio App 



$75 includes the workbook and priority shipping.

Covers 17 areas such as Human Behavior (Theories), DSM-5, Code of Ethics, Community Organization, and more.


Social Work Exam Bootcamp Workbook

“I am so lucky and blessed to have found your course. It was clear, concise, informative, and most of all, it helped me PASS!! Thank you soo much for helping us aspiring social workers!”
Jay N., LCSW

“I PASSED my LCSW and wanted to thank you! I passed with FLYING colors! I solely studied from your materials and will recommend you to others. Thank you!!!”
Steph D., LCSW

Congratulations, Licensed Social Workers!



Janice, LMSW   1/12/2023 Weekly Classes

Ana, S, LMSW 1/11/2023 One-Day Workshop

Mehreen, LMSW 1/10/2023   One-Day Workshop

Angelyn, LMSW 1/7/2023   Weekly Class



Rummin, LMSW 7/16/21
Rebecca F, LCSW 7/16/21
Rhonda B, LCSW 7/14/21
Gabrielle, LMSW — 2/27/21
Estela, LCSW — 2/24/21
Trevor, LMSW — 2/22/21
Amy, LCSW — 2/22/21
Jennifer H., LCSW — 2/22/21


Eliza V, LCSW 11/16/22 Weekly Classes 

Sabrina P, LCSW 11/16/22 One Day Workshop

Karena S, LMSW 11/7/22 Weekly Classes

Alicia S, LCSW 11/6/22 One Day Workshop

Jacob K, LMSW 11/4/22 Weekly Classes 

Mariana, LMSW 10/19/22 Workshop & Classes 

Dalia, LCSW 10/19/22 One Day Workshop 

Tamara, LCSW 10/17/22 Weekly Classes 

Kiara D, LMSW 10/13/22 One Day Workshop 

Hannah H, LMSW – 10/13/22 – One Day Workshop

Tara S, LCSW – 10/13/22 – One Day Workshop

Jacqueline C., LMSW – 10/13/22 – Weekly Classes



Denise, LCSW 7/29/21
Jennifer S., LMSW 7/29/21
Shiasia, LMSW 7/27/21
Laura V, LMSW 7/23/21
Jessica T, LCSW 7/19/21
Alyssa F, LCSW 7/19/21
Kasie, LCSW 7/19/21


Harli, LCSW — 2/16/21
Michelle, LMSW — 2/15/21
Naomi, LCSW — 2/13/21
Ashley, LMSW — 2/10/21
Brook, LMSW — 2/5/21
Josephine, LMSW — 2/5/21
Margo, LMSW — 2/3/21


With a 17-year track record of powerful, graduate program-approved materials, high student pass rates, and proven test-taking tactics, you can trust Social Work Exam Bootcamp to help you pass your ASWB social work licensing exam.